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As an artist, but especially as a gallery owner and curator, I know numerous excellent artists from many countries. Most of them have developed a personal style and painting techniques of their own, which is not at all easy, as “almost everything” has already been done in art. The art of Lima Junior is all the more remarkable. Not only are his whimsical figures and pictorial compositions unusual. The idiosyncrasy of his paintings arises from the mix of style elements reminiscent of Picasso's cubism with details that could come from comic books, but also from the combination of warm and cool colors, as well as the play of light and shadow. Showing the joy of life and radiating optimism, Lima Junior's paintings prompt a smile everywhere; they are fitting in the office as well as in the homes of young and old alike. Through his art, Brazilian artist Lima Junior affirms that the hardships of everyday life are easier to overcome with humor and a positive attitude to life. Lima Junior will be the artistic representative of his home country, Brazil, in the exhibition “Art from South America”, April 20 – July 14, 2013, at Galerie KONTRASTE in the city of Erwitte, Westphalia, Germany. It has been my great pleasure as gallery owner and curator of this exhibition to invite his participation.

José S. Ocón, welcoming speech to the more than 80 guests.

The art is culture

Gallerist, curator and author of all the flyers etc. about the exhibition: Copyright by José S. Ocón

KunstAtelie r- Galerie KONTRASTE

D-59597 Erwitte (OT Horn), Germany



Analysis of Lima Jr. work from the Italian Arts Critic Alessandro Piperno:


When we observe Brazilian artist Lima Junior's works, we immediately notice his considerable narrative skins and great compositional effort, which is the case with very few contemporary painters. We can appreciate the artist's benevolent appropriation of characters can be seen either in their most likely (at times even unlikely. for that matter) condition or in their own traditional conventions, or both. We can also notice the artist's tendency to evince daily-accepted ironic provocativeness and admirable commitment in the artistic rendering of Lima Junior's works: well, in my humble opinion, there is only interwoven answer to this dilemma - ironic narration and technical composition are deeply interwoven they are as one, from inception to completion, thus making for one indissoluble creative process. Moreover, Lima Junior's instinctive, yet controlled, dexterity in figure rendering, socio-environmental construction and chromatic choice gives us- art experts and critics as well as uninformed viewers and lay art enthusiasts - the exact perception of having come across a complete and outstanding artist. Finally. there is one last consideration l cannot fail to make: this Brazilian artist's unrestrained imagination and brilliant creativity always lead him to find unprecedented solutions, tell extravagant, yet possible and sometimes inexorable stories and create smart and witty scenes. His inexhaustible imagination and creativity is coupled with a use of color intimately related to the primal message, which is always "constructive", cogent and supple, moving and taking. Thus, Lima Junior's painting amuses us and immediately. It fascinates us and moves us by witnessing the moral strength and intellectual acuteness of an artist who is the single and sole passionate and permanent guardian of the great garden of the most human eccentricities, of the most unpredictable scenes from our past, present and perhaps future as well.

Remo Alessandro Piperno - Art Critic

The Critical of Art Remo Alessandro Piperno in conference at Chamber of Deputies - City of Rome - Italy

One of the works of the artist who took part in a Collective Exposition in the Gallery Bridge - Italy - (Rome)

under the curatorship of the Critical of Art, Remo Alessandro Piperno.

Theme: Terrace in Venice

Technique: Oil on Canvas Texturized
Dimensions: 120 x 50 cm




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